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[Nozomi22] Lovely Stranger || Chapter Eight

Lovely Stranger (Chapter 8)
Title: Lovely Stranger [8/?]
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Disclaimer: Super Junior own themselves and I own this fic. 
Notes: There would be some Jessica-bashing here. Really sorry. 
Summary: I thought that my life was complete until I met you. Who are you beautiful stranger?

A year ago.....

He has finally arrived. His flight was delayed but that didn’t matter, he wasn’t in a hurry. It was still a tiring 14-hr flight though and all he wanted was to take a long bath and sleep. But he still had to meet up with his friend or else his life is forfeit. His best friend Kibum requested that they meet once he arrived. Well, it was more of a threat than a request really. 

But that’s beside the point. All that matters is that he was back and he was ecstatic. He didn’t have to wait for long, only one more year at most and finally they would meet. He’s been waiting for this for half of his life and nothing can stop him. He proceeded to get his luggage and went out. As expected, his ride was already there. 

After all these years, Korea still stayed as beautiful as it was before. It’s been almost 10 years since he was last here. It made him feel nostalgic somehow. Sure, he frequented coming back a few times due to business, but, this time around he was staying for good. The last thing he had to prepare for his pursuit was in Korea after all. 

“I miss you.” He muttered to no one in particular. He was in his car and was currently on his way to meet Kibum. They agreed that they should just meet at Kibum’s house for some privacy. It wasn’t that far from the airport anyway so it wasn’t a hassle. However, he can’t help but feel restless. His jewel was only a few miles away and he wanted more than anything to go there and see him. 

He was really tempted to tell his driver to go to the opposite direction of their current location. But at the last minute he decided against it. He had to finish everything first before he can meet his jewel. It was only a matter of time before everything he’s been working hard for years comes to fruition. 

I have to be patient. He’s been controlling himself for the past ten years. One more year would be easy, right? Yeah right, who was he kidding? It was bearable when he was away from this country but now he was back and it would be harder than ever to control himself. Just a little more and then we’ll meet, my love.


“So then, how have you been doing?” Even if he didn’t show it, Kibum really missed Donghae, they were best friends after all. 

“I’m fine, just a little tired out. Oh yeah, father says hi.” Donghae was glad he’s back. He missed this type of conversation. For the past years, all he’s been doing was talk to other people about business-related matters. He really didn’t have time to make friends but it doesn’t mean he didn’t have though. Zhoumi and Henry were there to keep him company. He also had other friends but Kibum was still different.

“I see, let’s get to the point Hae. What are you planning?” The said man grinned and took a bite of his sandwich. He knew that his friend was itching to know; he was always like that. Kibum was always straight to the point and never liked being kept in the dark.

“You already know that I’ll be staying here for good. Father let me go after he saw me fit but I still need to do something before I can start it.”

“Hmm....you really are stubborn, Hae. Why do you have to do all these when you know that you’re more than capable enough to get him?”

“Those are nothing compared to what he has done for me. Now, I have to return the favour. I would be too ashamed to meet him if I don’t have everything prepared.”

“But you should be reasonable. He said those things when you were only children, Hae. I doubt he’ll remember any of that.” Kibum really can’t comprehend why his friend was so adamant in accomplishing things that he knew would never be remembered.

“He may not remember but I know for sure that he still has the proof of my promise.” Donghae was positive that he still had it. He knows that no matter what his jewel won’t throw it away even if he doesn’t remember. 

“How do you even know that? News flash Hae, it’s been what 9? 10 years?” Kibum was getting frustrated; it’s not that he’s stopping Hae. It’s just that what if his so called jewel turns him down after all he’s done? Then what? It may be the last I see you, Hae. 

“Don’t worry, Bummie-ah. Everything’s going to be just fine.” Kibum sighed and thought that; maybe, he should believe what his best friend was saying. I’ll be here for you whenever you need me, Hae.



“I hate you.” The other just burst out laughing. 

“I love you too.”


After talking to Kibum, he felt much better. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy his time in the States but Korea was different. This was his home because this is where his jewel was. Speaking of which, I need to know how he’s doing and a status report on what’s happening to that bastard. 

He remembered once again; that horrible incident that shook him to the core and almost crushed his world. He could still remember it like it was yesterday. Well, it’s only been a year after all. And until today, he’s still unable to forgive himself for what happened to his jewel. He could barely eat and sleep for a week after the incident.


“Yoboseyo?” He picked up the phone right away. It was rare for Siwon to call, especially, when he knew he was busy.

“Donghae? It’s me. I have bad news for you and I need your help.”He had a bad feeling about this. Siwon was never this panicked before; he can hear it in his voice.

“What’s the matter?”

“Eunhyuk’s been kidnapped and I need your help to find him.”His breathing stopped and he could swear his heart skipped a beat.

“WHAT?!!!” Siwon pulled the phone away from his ear. I swear if I become deaf because of this, friend or not, I’ll sue you Donghae.

“We really don’t know what happened, but apparently a close friend of his did it. This may sound like it’s no big deal but somehow that person can’t be trusted, His name is Kim Jungmo.” While Siwon was busy talking, he was typing on his laptop. He had no time to throw a tantrum; he needed to find his jewel before it’s too late. Just need to hack this. Found it.

“Siwon, I know where Hyukkie is; I’ll send the directions over in a minute.” Siwon was stunned, he knew Donghae was a genius but he never thought that he would find him in just less than 2 minutes! 

“How did you know where he was?“

“I looked for this Jungmo-guy GPS car code and hacked into it to make sure it was the right one. I also looked for Hyukkie’s cell signal.”

“I-I see, I’ll be going there along with my friends, thanks Donghae. Goo-“

“Wait! I’ll be sending Zhoumi over there. He’d be able to get there faster. Pretend you know nothing.”He hung up. He can’t believe it, he had been too careless. He always kept track of Hyukkie’s life but how can he miss something like this?

“Zhoumi, it’s me. There’s an emergency. Eunhyuk’s been kidnapped and I need you to get there as soon as possible.” 

“Yes, sir.” Zhoumi never questioned his boss. He may be older than him but he highly respected Donghae. During work, they had an employer-employee relationship but when the day has passed and work is finally put to rest, they were close friends almost like brothers. 

“I’ll be calling you in half an hour.” Then, he hung up. Donghae was contemplating what move he’ll do next. After clearing his head a little, he called his information specialist.


“Henry, I need you to find all that you can about Kim Jungmo. Leave nothing out and I want you to send people over his current home and report anything suspicious.”

“Yes, sir. The files will be at your desk in an hour.”


He couldn’t take it anymore. He really felt like his world was crumbling. Zhoumi just called and told him that the rescue mission was a success. However what he said next left him trembling and scared.

“Sir? It’s Zhoumi. The rescue was a success. However....”Zhoumi was being hesitant. He was never like that. His dear friend was always confident but once something bad happens he becomes unsure.

“Just say it, Zhoumi.”

“Eunhyuk was badly beaten, observing his body he looked like he was molested too. I was able to get there in time before the bastard could rape him fully.” 

“WHAT??!!!!” Ouch. Donghae, you’re my friend but there’s no way I’m letting you get away when I go deaf. 

“That’s what happened sir. I’m on my way there with the bastard.”



“I want you to bring the bastard to Alcatraz Island. I’ll meet you there.” That bastard will suffer and I’ll make sure he lives his whole life in fear. 

“Yes, sir.” He flopped down on his chair and sighed. Hyukkie...please be okay. After a while, Donghae stood up and went to his room to prepare for his flight to the Island and complete preparations and only his trusted friends would be able to do that. While on the way to his room, he flipped his cell open and began calling the one person he knew who could do the job.

“Yunho? I’m coming over, I have someone for you. Please prepare the S-class prison.”

“Woah, Donghae, do you even know what that means?” The bastard deserves nothing but the scariest prison there is.

“Yes, I’m well aware of that. Don’t worry; it’s not just because of some grudge. The person I’m sending over deserves the best.”

“I see. Oh well, I trust you on this Donghae. I’ll be going now. Preparing those kinds of prisons are really hard you know.” Donghae smiled, he knew that no matter what Yunho will always side with him.

“Thanks, Yunho.” Donghae went inside his walk-in closet and came out with a new set of clothes. From a business suit to an all-black ensemble. He donned on tight pants, a tank top with a leather jacket over it, some boots and fingerless gloves. To finish off his look, he wore some glasses. 

“I’m ready, bastard.” He smirked and went out of his room to get his private jet ready.

“Donghae? Where are you going?” He stopped, turned, and bowed. Why does father always know whenever I decide to leave?

“Alcatraz Island.” He left it at that. He knew that his father knows what he was talking about.

“Oh, I see. Have fun then.” His father smiled and went on about his way.

“I will, dad. I will.”


When he got there, Zhoumi was already there smiling that ever charming smile of his. He asked him to place the bastard in a random cell first while they prepared his prison. Yunho was also there preparing and briefing the people who would be handling the bastard’s case.

After one hour, the prison was ready. Everything was in place and all they need now was for the main character to take his rightful place. Donghae was exhilarated and worried at the same time. Exhilarated because finally the bastard would get what he deserves and worried because he still hasn’t heard from Kibum. 

When he finally told Lei of his fate, he went back to his office. They built one there because he frequented going there to visit his friends. Anyway, he knew that Lei was already suffering. He saw and knew what Yunho prepared. 

Aside from insects in his living quarters, rotting bodies were also placed. Not only that an electric whip, a furnace, and knives were all there and those things were only for his first day at the dungeon. And with that he left and went back, but not before giving final instructions. 

After his wonderful trip to Alcatraz Island, he went back to his room. It really was a tiring day for him. He wanted nothing more than to sleep on his comfy bed and forget everything the living nightmare he was currently experiencing. Well, that was the plan though until his phone rang.


“Hae, it’s me.” Ah Kibum, he was supposed to update me about Hyukkie’s condition. He really didn’t need this now, he wants to rest but Hyukkie’s safety was more important.

“How’s Hyukkie?”Kibum sighed. Donghae, I hope you don’t go ballistic on me after this. 

“He’s doing fine. It’s just that he’s really beat up. Not only that, he has a number of bruises and two broken ribs. He has three fractured ribs and a bump on his head. He also had bleeding wrists and feet.” There was silence on the phone. 

“I see, is that all?” Donghae was trembling and he couldn’t breathe properly. He had to take long, deep breaths to keep himself calm. Definitely, that bastard will never ever see the light of day again. He wants nothing more than to kill the bastard but that would be too easy. He had to call Yunho to make sure that the bastard’s punishment upgrades. 

“He also has selective amnesia and a state of repression, meaning he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him.” Kibum had a bad feeling about this. When Donghae was this calm, it means that it’s either someone suffers or dies. 


“Yes?” He could hear the tremble in Donghae’s voice. Hae...don’t be too harsh on yourself...

“That’s a good thing right?” He felt tears dripping down his cheeks. He was relieved at least now he knows his Hyukkie would not be tormented by those memories.

“For now Hae, yes. But ignorance is a fatality, remember that.” 

“I know, Bummie. But for now, he doesn’t need those memories haunting him. It’s all my fau-“

“Finish that sentence and I’ll kill you.” How can he not blame himself when he knew he was more than able to stop that from happening? It is Bummie...

“It wasn’t your fault Donghae, you were a thousand miles away and there was nothing you could have done aside from what you had already. What matters is that he’s safe and sound. So stop beating yourself about it. “Donghae was crying non-stop now.

“Thank you Bummie.” He knows that he wouldn’t be able to get through this without his friends.

“Anytime and Donghae?”


“I hate you.” That made Donghae smile and grin like an idiot. He must really look stupid now; grinning so widely while tears were running down his cheeks. I’m pathetic.

“I love you too.”

End of flashback

That happening to Hyukkie was more terrible than the things he experienced in the past with his relatives. I shouldn’t be thinking about these things. Oh, right he had to call Zhoumi and Yunho.

“Yunho, it’s Donghae.”

“Ya! Why did it take you so long to call?! Jaejoong and I were worried about you, you know.” Yunho missed Donghae, he was like his little brother after all. Especially now, he decided to finally settle in Korea.

“I’m fine Yunho. I’ve already settled in. Dad informed the staff to clean up everything at home before I arrived.”

“I see. I bet you’re calling about him, aren’t you?”Donghae chuckled.Bingo. I knew he’s calling because of the bastard.

“You know me too well.”

“Don’t worry; Jaejoong is helping me in making his regimen. Every day we have something new in store for him.” Donghae can’t help but pity the bastard. Jaejoong, despite of his beautiful appearance, was the scariest sadist he’s ever met in his life. He being a part of the punishments meant that Lei wouldn’t last long. It’s a good thing that Jaejoong is and always will be on my side.

“He wouldn’t last long, now would he?”

“Oh no, he will. You see, Changmin makes it a point to fix him back up every night. We let him heal, then, we start the punishments all over again.” Donghae shuddered. He knows he can be ruthless but the people at Alcatraz Island were heartless. I’m thankful everyday that we’re all close friends. 

“All right, thanks Yunho. Please send my regards to the rest.”

“Will do Hae, will do.” With that he hung up, after taking a breather for a moment he began dialling again. 

“Zhoumi? I’m already here, but I need you to still look out for Hyukkie, ok?”

“Hae-ah, you want me to be stalker, don’t you?”Zhoumi sighed. He was a professional assassin but these days his job was always about stalking people.

“Zhoumi-ge, you know it’s something precautionary. You’re the best, you see.” Donghae laughed, he could feel his gege rolling his eyes. 

“Whatever you say, but you owe me, darn it.”

“Prada again, is it?”

“Nope, I’m leaning to Versace and Gucci these days.” Donghae couldn’t stop laughing and fell of his chair.
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