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[Nozomi22] Lovely Stranger || Chapter Six

Lovely Stranger (Chapter 6)

Title: Lovely Stranger (Chapter 6)
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Disclaimer: Super Junior own themselves and I own this fic.
Notes: There would be some Jessica-bashing here. Really sorry.
Summary: I thought that my life was complete until I met you. Who are you beautiful stranger?

Junsu’s POV

It’s been almost six months since Eunhyukkie and I talked to each other. The beautiful friendship that we’ve built and maintained throughout the nine years we knew each other, disappeared just like that. Well, it is my fault after all.

Eunhyukkie was really precious to me. He makes all my days bright and joyful. He was my treasure but all because of some stupid bitch everything fell apart and the treasure I had been taking care of for all these years was now out of my reach.

I thought of him as my younger brother, that’s why when he confessed to me that day, I was stumped. I didn’t know what to say, especially, when that bitch decided out of all the times to come out. It had to be the time when Eunhyukkie decided to confess. She became my girlfriend just a week ago and was there because we finally had sex last night. But after doing it, I regretted it. I really didn’t like her as much as I should have.

Anyway, I was shocked when Eunhyukkie confessed to me but I knew I would just be hurting Eunhyukkie’s feelings because I would never be able to reciprocate his feelings. That’s why I made him hate me, it’s better this way instead of leading him on and hurting him every day.

As I walked away, I heard Eunhyukkie and Jessica talking to each other. I couldn’t understand what they were talking about and that piqued my interest. I was intrigued especially since Jessica seemed like she knew who Eunhyuk was.

When I finally turned to look at them, all I saw was Eunhyukkie’s tear-stained face and pained eyes. I couldn’t bear seeing it that I had to look away. When I finally had the courage to look back, Eunhyukkie was gone. Remembering Eunhyukkie’s face, I couldn’t breathe. It felt like I was choking. I need water. When I went inside my room, I saw Jessica laughing like the witch she is.

“Jessica, what was that all about? Do you know Eunhyuk?” I just had to ask. It was nagging at me; it feels like I was missing something.

“Oh, that fag? Of course I know him! He’s the loser who stole my boyfriend away from me!” Jessica snappily answered.

“What do you mean?” Junsu didn’t know about this. He had a bad feeling about this.

“I had a boyfriend before. He broke up with me all because of that gay bastard. I don’t know how he seduced my boyfriend but he became obsessed. I heard that he actually kidnapped the fag and beat him up. I think he was raped too. He deserved what happened to him.” Jessica laughed and continued to babble on and on.

“Get out.” I had to force myself to speak. I couldn’t stand her presence any longer and had to suppress my blinding fury. I felt my whole body shaking. Is that true?

“What?!” She couldn’t believe this, was he dumping her? She was supposed to be the one dumping him not the other way around!!

“Oh I see, you’re siding with that fag, right? Go ahead, fuck him if you want. I bet you’ll enjoy it. Besides, not only is he a fag, he’s also a sl-“Jessica was cut off by a slap on her cheek.

“Try finishing that sentence and I’ll kill you, you bitch!” Junsu snarled, he didn’t care if he goes to prison for beating up a woman. He had valid reasons for it anyway. Nobody can talk about Eunhyukkie like that.

Jessica whimpered. She didn’t expect that Junsu could be this scary. She thought that he was at the palm of her hands. Oh how wrong she was. It’s that gay bastard’s fault!

“What are you still doing here?!! Get out!!!” Jessica didn’t need any more prompting. She ran away at break-neck speed, not looking back, too afraid of what she might see when she does.

Junsu was left there standing in his room. Tears fell unbidden from his eyes. “Eunhyukkie, what have I done?” That night he didn’t sleep, he just cried and cried, thinking of all the things that might have been and what would have been if this never happened.

After the incident, Junsu tried all he could do to clear things with Eunhyukkie. He wanted to know if what that witch said was true. He also wanted to be forgiven and given another chance. He needed Eunhyukkie’s friendship and yet he knew that it would just be wishful thinking.

After a grand total of six months, Eunhyukkie was still out of his reach. He then finally accepted that, maybe, it was all over. His other friends knew what happened and that’s why he couldn’t get near. He’s absolutely sure that they wouldn’t hesitate in hurting him if he approached Eunhyukkie. Now he realized, there would be no more teasing, no more late-night movies and no more hang outs. Forever.

After that, he tried accepting the reality of the situation. He thought that somehow one way or another, he would be able to get over losing his precious best friend. Well, that was until that student-teacher came and he realized that no matter what, he could never give Eunhyukkie up, he was his first best friend after all.

End of POV

When Eunhyuk passed out, everyone just stared, but Junsu immediately ran over to check if his friend was alright. However, before he got to Eunhyuk, another body blocked his path.

“Don’t you dare touch him." Donghae growled at Junsu and lifted his love off the floor. There’s no way he’ll let that wretched man touch his jewel. You’ve hurt him enough. He turned to the his co-worker and grinned.

“Ms. Sunny, I know I should be helping you and observing the class but for now I’ll be taking Hyukkie to the infirmary, alright?”All he received was a nod since his fellow teacher was still in shock. Before he left though, he fixed a glare on Junsu and said something that only he could hear.

“Never again are you allowed to come near my Hyukkie. Because when you do, I’ll personally kill you.” With that, Donghae turned away from Junsu and proceeded to the infirmary while carrying his precious cargo bridal-style.

Everyone else was left staring at the spot the two were previously occupying. They couldn’t believe the scene that just transpired in front of their eyes. However, one thought prevailed in their minds. Eunhyuk, the loser, had a gorgeous boyfriend?!! How did he land that?!!

While the class was still in shock, Junsu walked towards his desk, picked up his bag and went out. He didn’t care if he was breaking the rules by skipping classes because right now he wanted, no, needed to be alone.

“I lost Eunhyukkie, I’m sorry for what I did, please forgive me.” He whispered to no one in particular. He knew that he had to stay away from Eunhyukkie now. That bastard, no matter how innocent and carefree he looked, was dangerous. He was dead serious when he uttered those words. He even felt his knees shaking when he glared at him.

Somehow, even though Junsu knew that he can no longer go near Eunhykkie. He wanted to at least be able to explain himself and tell his precious friend what really happened. With a new goal in mind, he went home. What he was planning would take time and he needs to start today before the move his family had been planning for years took place.


The news of Eunhyuk, the loser having a gorgeous boyfriend spread like wildfire throughout the school. Of course, his friends knew. Well actually, they’re some of the first people to know, being popular really had its perks, you know. Some people weren’t really happy when they heard the news.

“Ryeowook! What’s going on?!! We all know that the both of you are hiding something so just spit it out already!!! Since when did our Hyukkie have a boyfriend?!!” Sungmin bombarded the trembling male with questions. Ryeowook was scared and had to hide behind Yesung before he had the courage to answer.

“I don’t know about the boyfriend thing hyung and I also can’t tell you what we’ve been talking about!! It would break Hyukkie-hyung’s heart...” Ryeowook trailed off but he knew that he was still in trouble and so he hid in his boyfriend’s arms, all the while thinking about the new gossip spreading around the school.


“Hmnn. Ugh. My head hurts.” Eunhyuk’s world felt like it was spinning. Everything was blurry and he couldn’t focus his eyes. He closed his eyes for awhile hoping that it would lessen the dizziness. It worked and somehow he felt a little bit better. He surveyed his surroundings.

“Why am I in the infirmary?”

“That’s what we would like to know too, Hyukkie.” Eunhyuk turned to the side and was surprised when he found that most of his friends were there.

“How are you feeling, Hyukkie?” Why does it feel like déjà vu all over again? Leeteuk wondered why this scene had been happening a lot as he placed his hand on Eunhyuk’s forehead.

“I’m fine hyung, don’t worry. I was just a little tired.” He tried to smile but his headache prevented him from doing so.

“Ya Hyukkie, the nurse said that you’re stressed as of late. Mind telling us what you and Wookie have been doing?" Yesung rarely spoke seriously but when he does, he meant business. Yesung was eccentric at best. Usually, he was ignored but he didn’t mind. However, once in awhile, he leaves people baffled because of his insights and everyone would be forced to agree and follow him.

Eunhyuk just stayed silent and looked to the side; he really didn’t want to tell everybody his secret. He hoped that being silent would give them the hint that he didn’t want to say anything. He forgot one thing though. Heechul, never takes no for an answer and so after another minute of silence, Heechul blew up.

“Hyukkie, I’m losing my patience. Tell us already or I will make you.” When Heechul threatens people, especially, in that tone, he really meant it. So when he was in that mood, people steered away from him, well, except for his boyfriend, Hankyung. The others just stayed silent too afraid to be at the receiving end of Heechul’s wrath.

Eunhyuk sighed. He knew that his friends would catch up sooner or later. But even then, he still wanted to keep it secret. It wasn’t even a big deal, until today that is. “Fine, I’ll tell you but no one will laugh and I mean it.” Eunhyuk pouted and turned away from the people around him. Even though Eunhyuk looked like a child throwing a tantrum, they knew he was serious.

“We won’t, we promise Hyukkie.” Sungmin smiled and Eunhyuk began to relax. He sat up and began his story.

One hour later....

“You thought we would make fun of you because of that?” Kyuhyun deadpanned. He didn’t find anything funny in Eunhyuk’s story.

“I’m disappointed in you Hyukkie. The least you could do was trust us.” Leeteuk was frowning but deep inside he was delighted. Now that he knew it wasn’t serious, he decided to be a little playful. He couldn’t blame Hyukkie for not telling them. It really sounded too unrealistic but nevertheless he accepted it, for he could see his baby was really sincere about it.

“I’m sorry everyone.” Eunhyuk felt guilty now. He really didn’t mean to hide all these from his friends. It was just too embarrassing. It sounded like he was desperate and miserable. Well, he was but that’s a different story.

“That’s it?!” Heechul screeched and was about to open his mouth again to scold Eunhyuk like there’s no tomorrow but he suddenly stopped, oh yes, he just remembered. Everyone turned to him wondering why he suddenly became silent. All of a sudden he turned to Eunhyuk with the brightest smile they’d ever seen. They all became wary; Heechul smiling only meant disaster and sometimes death.

“Oh Hyukkieeeeeeeeeee..... Now, that we know about your stu-, I mean childish secret, mind telling us about your boyfriend that everyone’s been gossiping about?”Heechul was twitching; he swore that he heard one of his veins popping. He was getting angry, again. Why?

First, his dongsaeng made him worry by hiding something so childish and irrelevant that he just wanted to strangle somebody, namely Kangin. Second, there was this rumour about his dongsaeng’s boyfriend they never knew before. And so if Hyukkie doesn’t give him answers now, someone was going to die, looks at Kangin.

“H-Hyuk-ah, I’m going to ask you for a favour just this once, okay? Please tell us the truth, please tell us!” Kangin wailed. He can feel it; no actually he could see it. The glares Heechul was giving off were pretty obvious and they were all directed at him.

Usually, Kangin could take Heechul on but that was only because it was their usual banter. But today, it was different. Heechul becomes unstoppable when he’s in this state, so he it’s best to just listen to him. Not only that, their family was connected to the mafia and he could kill a prince and still get away with it!

He didn’t want to be like Jessica. When Heechul went home from the hospital six months ago, he called up some of his people. He made them research on the girl and know everything about her. After knowing everything, he made his move. First, he had all her accounts cancelled, then, caused her family to go bankrupt and lastly made some of his men traumatize her.

They went to her apartment and beat her up. They didn’t rape her but just made her feel as scared as what Hyukkie felt. Every day, Jessica was harassed not only at home but school too. It started when Heechul declared war against Jessica once at the canteen.

Heechul didn’t hate her family so he gave them their company back on the condition of migrating to another country. They had to leave Jessica though, because right now she was in a mental asylum. When Heechul found out the outcome of his doing, he just laughed and made it a point to visit her so he can see her pathetic state. Yes, Heechul was ruthless when he’s mad and right now he is.

Noooo!!! If I die today, I won’t be able to do it with Teukie anymore!! He didn’t realize he said that out loud. Well, he did after awhile, although, it was already too late. The damage was done and the only thing he could do was pray that Hyukkie would appease their anger. He turned to the side and saw his Teukie staring at him

“Heechul-ah, I would be more than willing to help you.” Leeteuk smiled and Kangin backed away and sulked in a corner.

Heechul stared at the baboon mumbling in one corner, “Pathetic, anyway, back to the point. Now, Hyukkie, if you don-"

“Hyukkie?”Everyone stopped, turned and stared.

“Where have you been?!!” Hankyung and Siwon sweat dropped. They weren’t expecting to be welcomed in such a way though. Everyone was pointing at them looking murderous, well at least some only looked annoyed.

“Guys? The nurse said tha-"

“Why are you so late?!!” Ryeowook was speechless. All of them were pointing at him angrily, except for the two new comers. Weren’t you the ones who sent me to talk to the nurse?

“I-I was t-talking to the nurse and she said that Hyukkie was free to go home since school ended about an hour ago.” My friends really are a bunch of retards.

“I see, so what the hell are we still doing here?! Get a move on people!!” Heechul, then proceeded to order everyone around. For now, he would stop interrogating his prey; they’ll have to do it in a more private setting.

“Hannie! Carry Hyukkie and no matter how much he protests, don’t let him down.”

“Hyukkie, shut up and sleep!”

“Teukie! Do something about that baboon chanting in that corner!”

“Wookie! Drag your weird boyfriend to Hyukkie’s classroom and get his things!”

“Kyu! Minnie! Get the car ready and wait outside.”

“We’re all sleeping in Hyukkie’s house tonight, clear?” Everyone could only nod and stare at Heechul.

“What are you all doing?! Stop staring like the idiots you are and get a move on!” With that, everyone scrambled to do the Cinderella’s bidding; like Kangin said; when Heechul’s in this mood it’s best to just follow. While they were busy, nobody noticed one of them slipping away from the room. He walked towards a corner secluded in the shadows.

“So you finally showed up, huh?”Siwon knew that his friend has been here in Korea for a year already and was expecting him to show up sooner or later. But he never thought that today would be the day he would appear.

“Yes, everything’s ready.”

“I feel sorry for him, though.”


“Because, he doesn’t know what’s coming for him.”The other man laughed out loud.

“It’s only beginning, Siwon.” The game has just began, dear friend.

“You really are something, Donghae.” The said man chuckled and walked away from the other. He stopped at a window and stared at the group of people leaving the school grounds. He smirked and continued walking into the dark corridors of the school. He was excited that’s for sure.

It’s time Hyukkie...Are you ready?

A/N: This will be the last update until after July 14th :) I'll keep these chapters that are already unlocked, unlocked :) so enjoy
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