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[Nozomi22] Lovely Stranger || Chapter Five

Lovely Stranger (Chapter 5)

Title: Lovely Stranger (Chapter 5)
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Disclaimer: Super Junior own themselves and I own this fic.
Notes: There would be some Jessica-bashing here. Really sorry.
Summary: I thought that my life was complete until I met you. Who are you beautiful stranger?

It has been about six months since he confessed to Junsu, much less talk to him. It’s also been about five months since Jessica left the school. He didn’t know why she left but whenever he ponders and asks his friends if they knew, all he received were smirks and silence. He had a pretty good idea of what happened, so he no longer probed on the matter, especially when Heechul laughs like a lunatic whenever he asks.

He wanted to talk to Junsu to clear things up and apparently he did too. But his friends would always pull him away whenever he’s near or sleeps over at any given moment. He knew that his friends hated Junsu and was partially blaming him that he remembered his horrid past. But he just wanted to have a civil relationship with him. He didn’t like losing a friend especially when he's your best friend whom you’ve known for almost nine years.

Another month of trying to trying talk to Junsu, and Eunhyuk stopped. He remembered the pained looks of his friends when he approached Junsu once on his own. When they found out, he received severe scoldings from all his friends, even sweet Ryeowook was no exception. From then on, he never went near Junsu again.

Well, currently, he had another dilemma, the prom was already nearing. Only 3 more months and the event of the year will take place. He was dreading that day. You see Sheratonia was a school that had eccentric traditions even though it’s for the rich. Well, you don’t get to be a student of Sheratonia with just money alone; being intelligent was a must too.

Anyway, Sheratonia has always been an open-minded school. Well, the principal and the staff were. So they accept the homosexual couples and approve of them actually. The tradition for the prom is that for the homosexual couples, one of the males must wear a dress instead of a tuxedo, even transvestites wore dresses. The principal thought it’d be fun to humor the couples and so implemented the tradition.

He didn’t really like attending it but no matter what, his friends always get to convince him to go, well, more like one threat from Heechul and Sungmin and he’s out the door. One should never mess with those two. Heechul was the perfect manipulator and can bring the smartest man to his knees; his wits were incomparable. As for Sungmin, he was a high-level martial arts expert. What more can he say?

The thing he was dreading was that he might be forced to wear another dress. Last year, he had no choice but to wear a dress. They thought it’d be cute but no he looked horrible in it, or so that’s what he thought. He actually looked stunning and so for the rest of the night guys asked him to dance, adding to his embarrassment.

Another dilemma seemed to have appeared, well, this time he felt it. You see from their group only he didn’t have a significant other. He thought that Siwon didn’t have one but they recently found out that he was dating a guy too, and that was his doctor, Dr. Kibum! That was a real shocker and to think his doctor was three years older.

He was getting lonely, he had no choice but to suck it up though. He was a loser anyway and he realized that he might just offend the other person if he ever had someone liking him. Why? Because ever since he remembered what happened two years ago, he had been flinching non-stop when he was touched. His friends noticed but thankfully kept their silence.

It took a total of five months to stop him from flinching when his friends touched him. And to think these friends of his were people he knew since he was ten. Well, back to the point. He was really lonely and he feels like he’s becoming crazy for the past months. Lately, he’s been having dreams. Well, it’s becoming more frequent now a days.

At first he decided to forget it, thinking it was just a side effect from Junsu’s rejection and so he didn’t think much about it. Well, how wrong he was. What the hell?!! Why am I always wrong? Darn it!! Maybe, he was just frustrated. He was getting restless. Every time he tried to conjure up the face of the guy he’s dreaming off, his mind would come to a blank, leaving him irritated the rest of the day.

The second time he dreamt of him, the guy said that they knew everything about each other. From then on, he concluded that he was crazy. I mean how can you know everything about someone when you haven’t met them your entire life? It’s like trying to wake someone up while you’re sleeping.

Well, it was always like that. Whenever he had dreams of the guy, it’s all about relaxing and talking happily as if they really were the best of friends, well more like boyfriends. Whenever he woke up from those dreams, he felt content, peaceful, and happy for some strange reason. However, for some reason he doesn’t have a very good picture of the guy.

He felt so relaxed that every morning he had a dream of him; he wouldn’t be able to hear the alarm clock causing his noona to step in and wake him up in her own special way. It wasn’t pretty; it always resulted into a shout-fest and irritated skin for a week.

Anyway, he wouldn’t be panicking so much if he didn’t have that dream yesterday. His dream last night had been too embarrassing.


He opened his eyes and was confused for a moment, he looked around and it seemed like he was in a bedroom. He panicked and fell from the bed. Strangely, he didn’t feel anything. From there, he concluded.

“I must be dreaming then, but where am I?”

“In my room.” Eunhyuk was alarmed; he turned around and was faced with his dream friend’s face.

“Fishy!!” Eunhyuk jumped up and hugged the said boy. The reason for the name was that no matter what, his dream friend refused to give his name and so he made one of his own. It felt somehow familiar to him and so he called him Fishy. But he really had a nagging feeling he knew this person somehow.

The said boy just chuckled and carried the other boy to the bed. “So what would you like to do today?”

“Hmm I really have no idea. Do you have something in mind?” While Eunhyuk was talking, he realized that fishy looked a little lost.

“Fishy? Are you all right?” He reached his hand forward but was stopped by a hand gripping his wrist. Eunhyuk gulped, he felt that something was off. I mean fishy was looking him up and down; he was also staring intently making Eunhyuk nervous. Fishy took a while to answer but when he finally did, Eunhyuk wished he didn't.

“Hyukkie, do you know what people who like each other do in bed?” Eunhyuk was floored; he knew what the other was implying. He wasn’t oblivious to ‘that’ he knew very well what that is. They have Sex Education classes at school after all.

“Fishy? What are you talking about? Heheheh....” He laughed nervously and turned to the side.

“You know what I’m talking about. I know you Hyukkie. Do you even see what you’re wearing?” Eunhyuk looked down and saw nothing amiss or that’s what he thought. He was wearing a black tank top revealing his beautiful slim figure with some loose shorts that were hanging of his hips and showing off his legs.

“There’s nothing wrong with what I’m wearing. And besides I’m too fat and ugly for you to have an interest in me.” Donghae didn’t reply. He just continued staring at Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk was getting fidgety and he can feel the hand that was gripping his wrist tightening every minute of silence talking place. After five more minutes, he couldn’t take the suffocating silence any longer and so he turned to look at Fishy and made a move to get up from the bed. Well, that was the plan, but Fishy suddenly pounced and began kissing his neck hungrily. He nipped, bit, and licked the milky flesh and the rest was history.

End of Dream

When he woke up this morning, he was sweating and hysterical. It was a good thing that he woke up when Fishy was about to remove his pants off. He really must be going crazy to be having dreams like that. He was pathetic, not to mention miserable. Today, he decided to tell Ryeowook his dream again.

Ryeowook was his confidante. He didn’t laugh like Heechul was sure to do. He didn’t make fun of him like Sungmin was sure to do. He just listened and told him to tell him all about the dreams he was going to have about this guy.

He was always excited whenever he heard his story. He said, “Hyung that is just so romantic! I’ll keep it to myself, don’t worry.” Yes, even though Ryeowook always tends to keep quiet and be his adorable little self, he was a romantic at heart.

As he made his way to school, he somehow can’t shake the feeling of being watched. Whenever he looked around, he would find no one there. So, maybe, he was just imagining things. Today, he wanted to walk to school since it was a bright, sunny day that he couldn’t help but want to walk around. His sudden request turned the usually lively house of the Lee’s into a battlefield.

His parents were against it, but for once his noona understood and wanted to let him be, but this resulted to smashed vases and other porcelains at home. Yes, the Lee’s maybe understanding, loving, caring, and very joyful. But they were still a force to be reckoned with when angry.

No one was spared when they get mad. Well, the good thing was that they only get mad when it involves someone being hurt from their family or Hyukkie wanting to go out on his own. When the school was in sight, he hurriedly ran to his classroom when he heard the bell.

It's only about two hours in school, and he was bummed as hell. He was just too excited to tell Ryeowook of his recent encounter with his dream friend that he couldn’t concentrate on what the teacher was saying. It was a good thing that the next period was gym. All his friends had gym together and for that he was thankful.

When the class for Economics was over, he ran at break-neck speed towards the locker room. After changing in the bathroom, he went inside the gym. He no longer changed clothes with the other boys because they always kept on staring and whistling when he removed his shirt. They were probably just bullying him again.

When he finally got to the gym, his friends were already there. He ran to them and began talking and playing with them. All his friends took the same dance class together because they were all good at it. However, Eunhyuk owns them all when it comes to dancing. He was passionate and really loved dancing since he was young.

After gym class, they went ahead, showered, and changed clothes. It was a good thing after gym was lunch and the principal thinks that Lunch time was sacred so every student is given two hours of lunch every day. When they entered the cafeteria, everyone became silent. The group didn’t mind it though. It always happens.

They’re really popular around the school. They were good looking, can sing, can dance, and smart. Even though they were gay, they still had fan clubs all over the school, which included boys and girls alike. The boys didn’t mind the sudden silence and just sat down on their usual spot and proceeded to talk among themselves. The cafeteria came to life once again and all was well.

“Wookie? After eating lunch, could we go and talk somewhere else?” Ryeowook’s eyes suddenly lit up and nodded eagerly and ate his lunch as fast as he could. When they were both done they suddenly stood up, startling everyone in the process.

“Guys, Hyukkie-hyung and I have something to do. It would take some time so you don’t have to come looking for us, ok? Bye Sungie, I love you! See you after school!!” He kissed his boyfriend’s cheeks and proceeded to drag the monkey boy out.

“Ok, what the hell was that?” Heechul narrowed his eyes, those two were hiding something from them and he could swear it on his newly dyed hair.

“They’re hiding something from us.” Sungmin mumbled, he also had tears prickling at his eyes. He was kind of hurt. And to think he thought they were best friends.

“We have to know, especially, when it comes to Hyukkie.” Their group umma suggested and everyone nodded their consent. He was hurt. To think they were like his children. What are they keeping from me?

It became unanimous among the group to kidn-, I mean invite them over to Leeteuk’s house after school and interr-, and ask them what they were hiding and threa-, and force the two into telling them what’s going on.

They just ignored Yesung who was crying his eyes out, “Wookie doesn’t love me anymore, and he loves Hyukkie more than me!! Only Ddangkoma loves me!!! Waaaaaaah!!”



Ryeowook and Eunhyuk went to the rooftop of the school to talk about Eunhyuk’s latest encounter with his dream friend. Actually, he was dragged there by an excited Wookie who couldn’t wait to hear his story. Who knew someone as small as him could actually be that strong? Make that very strong, my wrist is hurting Wookie.

When they finally settled down, Ryeowook turned to his hyung and hurriedly made him talk.

“Hyung! What happened?! Come on, tell me! Tell me please!!!!” Eunhyuk just laughed at his dongsaeng’s cuteness and started telling him what happened.

After about an hour of talking in excited and jolly voices, they were both satisfied and headed towards their class. Eunhyuk felt somehow guilty though. He knew that their friends were getting suspicious of their behaviour.

But he can’t tell them something as unrealistic as this. They would just make fun of him and he can’t have that. For him, those moments were precious and something he kept treasured in his heart. When the bell rang, he ran for his classroom, momentarily forgetting his worries.

Eunhyuk went and sat down trying to catch his breath. He then placed his head on his folded arms and tried to sleep. Another privilege in Sheratonia was that the honor students were allowed to go and fall asleep in class, the teacher wouldn’t mind as long as they don’t snore and keep their grades up.

When the teacher came in, she was smiling brightly. “Good afternoon class, I have good news for you. Today, we have a new student teacher. He’ll be my assistant for the time being. Come in and introduce yourself.”Eunhyuk didn’t really care. He was too tired for that.

However, he was broken out of his dream-like state when he heard all the girls screaming. What the hell?! Maybe, another cute guy or something? Whatever. He decided that it wasn't worth his time so he didn’t raise his head. However, when the guy spoke up his heart started beating fast.

“I’m Lee Donghae, nice to meet all of you.” I know that voice. I’ve heard that before, but where? The girls started screaming all over again but then Eunhyuk was curious as to why the screaming stopped abruptly. When he raised his head to look up front, lips were suddenly on his, chaste and rough.

Eunhyuk was speechless; he was staring at the boy in front of him and can utter only one word. "Fishy...."

“We finally meet, Hyukkie....” The boy smirked and with that Eunhyuk promptly passed out. This can’t be happening to me!!!
Tags: author: nomozi22, pairing: donghae/eunhyuk
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