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[Nozomi22] Lovely Stranger || Chapter Four

Lovely Stranger (Chapter 4)

Title: Lovely Stranger (Chapter 4)
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13 >> R
Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Disclaimer: Super Junior own themselves and I own this fic.
Notes: There would be some Jessica-bashing here. Really sorry.
Summary: I thought that my life was complete until I met you. Who are you beautiful stranger?

Leeteuk was worried, no, he was absolutely scared. Last night, he received a phone call from Eunhyuk’s sister. Apparently, someone saw Eunhyuk lying on the ground lifeless and brought him to the hospital right away. His heart skipped a beat when he found out, luckily, everyone in their group of friends were still at his house because of the sleepover. They badly wanted to visit Eunhyuk but it was already very late.

So here he was along with some of his friends the next day in Eunhyuk’s hospital room. He was surprised at first when he saw Eunhyuk’s room. It was absolutely beautiful and didn’t look like a hospital room. More like a hotel room.

Anyway, they knew Eunhyuk was rich. Well, they all were, but Eunhyuk and his family were frugal with money. When he asked why they placed Eunhyuk in such a big and luxurious room, Sora-noona just said that the man who found him was really kind and paid all of the expenses. He didn’t ponder on that matter any longer since Eunhyuk’s well-being was more important.

He couldn't believe that something happened to Hyuk again after what happened to him before. He suffered enough already. He tried calling Junsu, but nobody was answering. He wondered what could have happened. Hyuk was still happy and well when he left his home.

“Teukie? Are you all right? You’ve been spacing out and we’ve been trying to call you for 5 minutes already.”Kangin was worried about his boyfriend. He knew that somehow Teukie was blaming himself for what happened.

“I’m alright, don’t worry. Where are the others by the way?” He kissed Kangin’s cheek and proceeded to make himself comfortable on the sofa near Hyukkie’s bed. Kangin sat beside Teuk and hugged him.

“They left a minute ago to get some food. Hyukkie’s famiy left already and gave us the responsibility of taking care of Hyukkie. They said they’re very grateful for all the help and love we’re giving him.”

“Hmnnn. Ugh. where am I?” Kangin and Leeteuk sprang up to life. They were surprised that Hyuk would just wake up like that. Leeteuk went to Eunhyuk while Kangin began calling the doctor and looking for their friends.

“Hyukkie? It’s me Teukie-hyung. How are you feeling?” Leeteuk was ecstatic, he was glad that Hyukkie woke up while he was in the room.

“Teukie-hyung? Why am I here?” Eunhyuk tried getting up but was pushed back down gently by his hyung’s hands.

“You shouldn’t be getting up yet Hyukkie and you’re in the hospital. Someone found you and brought you here, you fainted Hyuk. What happened?” It took a minute to reorganize his thoughts, for they were in a jumbled mess. Just then, memories began flooding his head. Eunhyuk finally remembered what happened. From his horrible past two years ago and what happened with his best friend, everything flooded his mind making tears pour down from his eyes.

Leeteuk immediately lost his assuring smile and frowned. He immediately panicked and tried to calm his baby down.

“Hyukkie? Baby, please calm down. Tell your hyung what happened, ok?”Leeteuk didn’t know what was happening, his dongsaeng doesn’t cry out like this. Sure, he’s prone to crying but never like this. So he just lied down with Eunhyuk and hugged him.

“Are you in pain, Eunhyuk-sshi?” The two in bed was startled to see a man they didn’t recognize by the door. The man chuckled and smiled.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Dr. Kibum, the one in charge of Eunhyuk.”Leeteuk sat up and made a move to get off the bed but as soon as he moved, he found Hyukkie’s hands gripping his clothes tightly while trembling.

“You don’t have to get up from there; I’m just here to know whether Eunhyuk-sshi is alright.” He went forward and did the routine check-up for every patient. He didn’t find anything wrong and so he assumed that he was crying out of shock. Leeteuk just observed the doctor quietly while holding Hyuk’s hand in his.

“Eunhyuk-sshi, you have a fever but you’re going to be okay. You just need to stay in the hospital for another day and you can leave tomorrow morning. I’ll be leaving then.” Dr. Kibum smiled his charming smile and proceeded to go out.

“Dr. Kibum?”Eunhyuk squeaked. The man stopped and turned to the Eunhyuk. He smiled when his eyes landed on Eunhyuk. His cheeks and nose were red and he was trembling. He looked like a vulnerable puppy. Or a monkey.


“Do you happen to know who brought me here?” Eunhyuk didn’t know why but somehow he felt that it was important to know who that person was. He can remember vaguely being carried and the person speaking to him before everything went black.

“I’m sorry I don’t know. The man who found you left right away and didn’t give us a chance to question him. However, he called immediately and told us what happened to you and said that he’ll be paying for everything.” With that Kibum left, not giving anyone of them the chance to ask him anymore. Once outside, He stopped and turned to the man beside him.

“Until when will you keep doing this? You’re like a stalker, already.”The man just chuckled and smiled at Kibum.

“Very soon, Kibum. I just need to finish up everything. I can’t show myself in this state.”

“Whatever you say, but you owe me big time. It was hard lying to that person. You really found a jewel, my friend.”The man smiled and nodded.

“I know.”


The two men on the bed remained silent for awhile. Just then, their friends came in along with Kangin and they were panting like dogs.

“Hyukkie!! You’re awake! How are you? Do you feel any pain? What happened to you? Why we-“

“Minnie!! Hyukkie’s still not well, please control yourself."Leeteuk then faced Eunhyuk.

“Hyukkie? Tell us what happened, darling.” As soon as he asked, Eunhyuk started sobbing and crying. Everyone in the room was alarmed. Eunhyuk only cried like this when something really bad happened.

“Hyukkie, what’s wrong?” Heechul, who was near at the time at lied beside him on the bed and hugged him, just like what Leeteuk did moments ago (Yes, the bed was that big). Heechul was never the type of person to be gentle but for those people he treasured, there would always be an exception.

“I r-remember e-everything. Lei, I remember him hyung! Jessica was actually his girlfriend! I found out when I went to Junsu’s house to talk to him. I confessed and then they told me I was disgusting for being gay.” Eunhyuk wailed. He couldn’t talk anymore his chest was hurting so bad and his head was throbbing. He just lost his best friend and remembered that horrible memory of two years ago. And to think it all happened on his birthday.

Everyone was stunned not only that, they were speechless. Jessica was Lei’s girlfriend? Eunhyuk remembered everything? This is bad! How could Junsu betray Eunhyuk like that? Only one thought prevailed among everyone’s mind in the midst of the entire jumble. They will pay.

Through the night, they comforted Eunhyuk and did all they could to make sure that he would calm down. When Eunhyuk was finally sleeping again, Heechul carefully untangled himself, sat down on Hankyung’s lap and faced everyone.

“I knew that bitch was a witch. And now she’s more of a monster knowing that she was that bastard’s girlfriend.” Heecul was fuming. No, he was enraged. He will never forgive Junsu and Jessica. You two will never be able to touch Hyukkie again. Just try and you’re dead.

Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Yesung were all silent. They didn’t know that something like this would happen. To think someone would be bearing a grudge and bring up the past just like that.

“What are we going to do hyung?” Siwon knew that the person who saved Hyukkie this time was the same person who helped save him two years ago. He was back in Korea, almost a year now from what he knew. Besides, he could see Zhoumi everywhere. He doesn’t appear unless absolutely necessary. ‘He’ must be near. What he wanted to know was when will he show himself?

“It’s best that we never let Junsu and Jessica get near Hyukkie. Also, from now on no matter what we wouldn’t leave Eunhyuk alone. We’ll tell the front desk to blacklist those two. And we should have schedules when visiting Hyukkie.” It was a first from Yesung to actually act like the hyung he is. He knew that he’s the only one who’s rational enough right now.

Heechul was too angry for that, Leeteuk was just staring into space, and Kangin was just snoring away on the sofa. Well, there was Hankyung but he was too busy calming Heechul down.

“I’ll be staying here for the night, everyone. I know that somehow Dr. Kibum will understand. You should all go home now. It’s already nearing 11 pm. You still have school tomorrow and Yesung? Tomorrow, Hyukkie will be discharged, so there’s no need for schedules. We’ll discuss everything tomorrow. Goodnight.” With that Leeteuk promptly fell asleep.

“You heard him people. Get your butts moving. Leeteuk and Kangin will be here until tomorrow. So let’s all just rest and visit him after school.” Everyone nodded their consent, stood up, kissed Eunhyuk's and Leeteuk's cheeks, then left.

Siwon stayed behind for awhile. He was here, his boyfriend just informed him. He went to his boyfriend’s office and went in without knocking.

“Ah Siwon, you’re finally here.” Kibum stopped his conversation with the person across from him and stood up to kiss Siwon’s cheek.

“Hello to you too.“Siwon smiled and hugged his boyfriend before turning to the other person in the room.

“Long time no see. You have a lot of explaining to do, Donghae.” The said person just grinned widely.


When he finally got home from the hospital, he went straight for the phone. He began calling up his men. I won’t let that bitch get away. Hyukkie wouldn’t remember ‘him’ if it wasn’t for her. Fucking witch!

“It’s me; I want you to do a background check on Jung Jessica. Find out everything about her. Don’t leave anything out. I want all the details a day from now.”

“Yes, sir.” He hung up and was about to go to his room when he felt arms encircling his waist from behind.

“So, you’re really going to do it, huh?”He knew his boyfriend was worried but there’s no way he’s letting the bitch get away unharmed.

“She deserves it. If it wasn’t for her, Hyukkie would never have remembered. She’s a witch and needs to suffer.” Hankyung sighed. He knew that there’s no stopping his princess once he’s mad.

“Alright, I’ll be backing you up.” Heechul smiled and turned around. He kissed Hankyung’s lips softly and smiled that soft smile that made Hankyung fall in love with him in the first place.

He burrowed himself in his boyfriend’s strong arms and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too, princess.”


The next day, everyone in the gang rushed to Eunhyuk’s house. They were terribly worried, especially now that Eunhyuk remembered his horrid past. The only thing that kept them from skipping class was the absolute fury and scolding they knew they’ll receive from Leeteuk when he finds out. Besides, Heechul still needed to settle things with the witch.

When they arrived at Eunhyuk’s house, they saw Eunhyuk’s family going out. They approached them and asked.

“Auntie, where are all of you going?” Sungmin was curious, why were they leaving when they knew that Hyukkie just came out of the hospital.

“Oh hello there boys, I knew you would be coming. I had some food prepared for you. You can sleep over since it’s Saturday tomorrow. Take good care of my baby, alright?" Mrs. Lee then stepped inside the car. But before they left, Sora-noona explained through the window of the car.

“We know you’ll take good care of our Hyukkie. We really didn’t want to leave but Hyukkie insisted that as a birthday present he wanted the whole house to himself and so we decided to go to Hawaii for the weekend. See you then!”The boys were left to stare at the car all pondering the same thing. Well, Heechul was always an exception.

“Ok, they really are too happy for their own good. Oh well, whatever.” They can’t help but roll their eyes at Heechul. They went inside and made a mad dash for Eunhyuk’s room.

“HYUKKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They shouted all at once. The occupants of the room were startled and glared at the people who just came.

“Ya! You shouldn’t be shouting like idiots! We knew you were here already. Everyone could hear your stampede miles away!!” Kangin was pissed. Here he was having a relaxing afternoon in Eunhyuk’s house but then some baboons just had to ruin everything.

“They’re the idiots not me, stupid racoon. And besides why are you getting so worked up? All you do is sleep and snore like the boar you are.”

“What did you say prissy bitch?!”

“Oh it’s on dumbo!”

“Is that all you can say, fag?!”

“You’re dead bitch!” Heechul lunged at Kangin and began yanking his hair off. Hankyung immediately sprang into action to stop his princess from his rampage. The other people in the room could only sigh and shake their heads. But everyone stopped when they heard Eunhyuk laugh.

“H-hyukkie? Are you alright?" Sungmin didn’t know whether he should be happy or worried. He thought that maybe Eunhyuk would still be shaken by what happened.

“Why shouldn’t I be? I know you guys are worried about me, but I’m fine now really. I feel light somehow, you know? I don’t have to bottle my feelings anymore. I just need to get over Junsu.” Eunhyuk smiled his gummy smile.

“But what about L-Lei?” Ryeowook was worried. He felt that somehow there was something off.

“That’s already over. I would be able to get over it somehow. Anyway, we shouldn’t be talking about depressing matters and let’s just party!!” Everyone’s mood suddenly changed and they shouted excitedly. They ran around the house and made preparations.

When they left his room, his mood dropped. To be honest, he was still terrified. He just couldn’t shake the feeling of those hands on his body. He felt like puking. But he didn’t want to worry his friends more than they had already. He knew that they were blaming themselves for what happened to him and hid that horrible event from him to protect him. And now it was his turn to make them happy.

However, one thing was bothering him though. Last night, he dreamt of something strange. A guy was there, he couldn’t remember his face, but he's sure he was gorgeous. There in his dream, he remembered him saying. “We’ll be meeting very soon, my dear.”

He woke up feeling empty somehow. Maybe, this was the side effect of the rejection he received from Junsu? Hmm...Well, maybe, that was just frustration for not having boyfriend yet. He’s seventeen already for goodness’ sake! Anyway, it’s time to party. He should just forget all these depressing thoughts and be happy for once.

However, somewhere along the distance, a boy too handsome for words muttered, “Hyukkie, it’s almost time. You don’t have to wait for long......”
Tags: author: nomozi22, pairing: donghae/eunhyuk
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