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[Nozomi22] Lovely Stranger || Chapter Two

Lovely Stranger (Chapter 2)

Title: Lovely Stranger [2/?]
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery, Angst
Disclaimer: Super Junior own themselves and I own this fic.
Summary: I thought that my life was complete until I met you. Who are you beautiful stranger?
Chapter: Prologue||Chapter One


He just turned fifteen today and for some reason he felt really happy. I mean who wouldn’t be? One of the most popular guys in school befriended him! And to think he had a little crush on the guy, but his heart was still for Junsu, though.

Anyway, his name was Jungmo, but most people call him Lei. They thought that Lei would suit him well, since their previous role model was named Lei.

He was handsome to say the least, had a charming smile, good grades, and to top it of a mysterious personality. He was the perfect boyfriend for anyone at school. A lot of people adored him, boys and girls alike, and Eunhyuk was no exception. Lei also had a girlfriend but he never told anyone who it was.

“It’s pointless to disclose any information about her since she doesn’t go to this school.” That’s what Lei said. He was so cool! I can’t believe he’s one of my friends now. He just approached me one day and asked me if I would be interested to be his friend and I agreed immediately. I mean who would pass up that kind of opportunity?

Eunhyuk never questioned Lei why he decided to befriend him. He just thought that Lei was a really kind person and wanted to befriend a loser like him. He was sorely mistaken though. Eunhyuk really was a naive child. He didn’t know that behind that cool persona was a beast waiting to be unleashed and Eunhyuk didn’t realize it until much later.

Eunhyuk doesn’t realize it but he really is a beauty. He had white, milky skin. Plump, cherry red lips that were utterly kissable, and beautiful eyes that were always shining with mirth. He also had a beautiful slim figure that made all the girls jealous.

It’s all because of his passion for dancing that made him as thin as a stick. Well, he also never puts weight no matter how much he eats. He was not fat, he just feels like he is, especially, since he was always bullied. Eunhyuk has an inferiority complex because of his gums and shy persona that sometimes he imagined himself to be an ugly, fat fag.

Eunhyuk likes hiding himself and also he never really smiled at other people because of his gums, but when he does, it would leave you breathless. Because he rarely smiles and was shy, people thought of him as someone unapproachable and branded him a loser. However, some people saw the real beauty that is Eunhyuk and Lei was one of them. They accepted and protected him without Eunhyuk knowing.

However, Lei was different. When he first saw Eunhyuk dancing alone in the studio, he was mesmerized. From then on, he sought after the boy. He was even more ecstatic that he became friends with him. Still it continued, he became more smitten with Eunhyuk every day that he became his obsession. He broke up with his girlfriend the day he became friends with Eunhyuk. All he said was he loved someone by the name of Lee HyukJae and everything was over.

It’s been almost six months since Lei befriended me and for some reason I feel like there’s something wrong. Whenever he talked with other people, he would feel Lei encircling his waist with his arm. He thought that maybe he was just an affectionate person. However, as time passed by, his touches became more intimate to the point he was blushing the whole day.

Maybe, Lei was just really a very, affectionate person. And so he just Lei be. But then he realized that it was getting weirder day by day. Before and after class, Lei would be there waiting for him outside the classroom. Then at every given opportunity he would take a picture of him, especially, at gym class where they change clothes.

Then, when he tells Lei that he’s going out with friends after school, he would glare at him so fiercely that it would leave his knees shaking. Lei would threaten him that if he goes with them, they would no longer be friends. Eunhyuk became scared. He was so afraid of losing a friend that he kept on obeying all of Lei’s orders. He really liked Lei, he was one of his closest friends and he thought that, maybe, Lei was just overprotective until that day happened.

Every single day Lei was with Eunhyuk, he became one step closer to insanity. He became so obsessed with Eunhyuk that at every given chance he would spend time with him and take a picture of him. He already had his whole room filled with Eunhyuk’s pictures and other stuff he secretly stole from him. He was sure that Eunhyuk was his angel and only his. That’s why he was always filled with burning rage and jealousy when other people talk to him.

He told himself that he would never hurt his angel. However, he couldn’t help it. No one can touch him but me! ME! ME! Only ME! o as days passed he slowly but gradually had Eunhyuk in the palm of his hands. Because of his angel’s innocence, a little threat and he was under his trap. However, when he saw Eunhyuk hugging another guy, all he saw was red. He dragged Eunhyuk into his car and drove to a place he knew no one would find.

Sungmin, the one he was hugging at the time was stunned. All he knew was that he was comforting Eunhyuk, then, the next he was dragged away from him and pushed inside a car. He had a bad feeling about this; and so he quickly ran towards his hyung’s house, while calling up some of his friends on the way.


“So Eunhyuk, mind telling me who you were hugging awhile ago?” Eunhyuk was scared, no, he was downright terrified. Who wouldn’t be when a guy, who’s supposedly your friend brought you to an unknown place, tied you up, and had a knife in his right hand?

“He’s just a friend! He’s like a brother to me. Lei, just please let me go!” Eunhyuk pleaded and cried out. Lei, however, has no intention of ever letting him go. He might as well lock Eunhyuk up forever than have him taken away by anyone else.

“Now, now, dear. You shouldn’t be straining yourself like that. Those ropes can hurt your beautiful and lovely skin.” It was official, Lei was really a crazy person. Why didn’t he see it before? All those crazed stares and the intimate touches. He felt himself shuddering after remembering everything.

“Lei, I thought we were friends but why are you doing this?” Eunhyuk cried, he didn’t know what to do. He closed his eyes tightly as Lei leaned forward and started nibbling the skin on his neck. He kissed his way up the milky skin and stopped at his ear.

“If you weren’t such a slut, I wouldn’t be doing this now, Eunhyuk.” He then bit down harshly on the ear and Eunhyuk screamed in surprise.

“Please don’t do this Lei. He’s just a friend I promise! We were only hugging an-“ He was cut off by a punch to his face.

“Shut up! I saw everything! Lying to me will only make me angry, Eunhyuk. And if I hear you utter another word, I will make you suffer, understand?!” Eunhyuk can only whimper but nodded, nevertheless. He doesn’t know what to do anymore. He was scared shitless and so he chose to be silent, he didn’t want to die yet.

“That’s my angel." Lei, then, released Eunhyuk from the bindings of the ropes and carried him inside one of the rooms. He threw him carelessly on the bed and quickly tied Eunhyuk’s arms and legs to the four corners of the bed.

“You look absolutely beautiful, angel. But, you still need to receive your punishment for betraying me.” Lei started stripping Eunhyuk of his clothes until he was completely naked.

“Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.” He murmured and suddenly crashed his lips on the other, making Eunhyuk gasp. Lei took the opportunity and began ravishing Eunhyuk’s mouth. He caressed Eunhyuk’s tongue with his. He also pinched and rubbed Eunhyuk’s nipples, making Eunhyuk moan softly.

I don’t want this. I don’t want this. Someone please help me... was Eunhyuk’s silent plea before he fainted of shock. Lei wasn’t the least bit affected by what happened and just continued violating Eunhyuk’s body. However, he got bored with the lack of response from his angel so he slapped Eunhyuk awake.

“Ugh. Instead of doing this, please just kill me.“ Eunhyuk couldn’t take it anymore. He really wanted to die. He can’t believe one of his friends is raping him right now.

“You’re too beautiful to die, angel. Now, let me hear your lovely moans.” Lei then kissed his way down. Eunhyuk was too scared to do anything. He just laid there, head turned to the side all the while wishing that somehow he would just disappear.

Help me.....


“Leeteuk-hyung! Lei just kidnapped Eunhyuk! What do we do hyung?! I have a very bad feeling about this.” Cried Sungmin. He was hysterical now. He knew that Lei liked Eunhyuk but he didn’t know that he would go as far as kidnap his dear friend. Kyuhyun, his boyfriend was doing all he could to calm his now crying boyfriend.

“Sungmin? It’s going to be alright, the others were already informed and they’re looking for him right now. So please stop crying, everything’s going to be alright.” Sungmin stayed silent after that. I hope you’re right Kyu. I really do.

“Why is this even happening? Does Junsu know about this? Does his family even know?” Leeteuk was also on the brink of crying his eyes out. His precious baby was there somewhere, scared and hurting. Kangin just stood by Leeteuk’s side, staying silent while holding the disgruntled male. Just then someone entered the room.

“Ya! What’s going on? Did someone die or something?” Heechul looked at everyone in Leeteuk’s house, he rushed there since Sungmin was wailing in the phone saying there was an emergency. They all looked miserable. Some were crying and some were glaring.

“Hyung, our Hyukkie’s been kidnapped by Lei.” With that, Siwon turned and left the room to make some calls. He knew who could help them; somehow, one way or another, only that person could solve this dilemma.

“What?! Didn’t we agree on protecting Hyukkie from Lei?! We all knew that behind that perfect, goodie personality was an asshole retard!” Heechul was furious, no, he was absolutely livid. How could they let this happen? He was only away for a day and now Hyukkie’s gone.

“Chul-ah, calm down. Everyone’s already hurting; you don’t need to add to that.” Hangeng just proceeded to pull the fuming Heechul out and tried to calm his princess down.

For awhile, everyone was silent, too tired or worried to say anything. Some already fell asleep crying, namely: Sungmin and Ryeowook. Then, Siwon came in rushing, slamming the door in the process. They turned to Siwon in surprise, he looked disgruntled but nevertheless he was smirking.

“I know where Eunhyuk is. I’m going there right now. Are you guys coming?” Everyone didn’t need any more prodding. They rushed to prepare for their upcoming rescue. They decided that they should just handle the situation since the police thought of it as a joke.


My Hyukkie...I’ll save you I promise. I’m your soul mate, remember? Just wait for me...
Tags: author: nomozi22, pairing: donghae/eunhyuk
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