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[Nozomi22] Lovely Stranger || Chapter One

Lovely Stranger (Chapter 1)

Title: Lovely Stranger (Chapter 1)
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery
Disclaimer: Super Junior own themselves and I own this fic.
Notes: There would be some Jessica-bashing here. Really sorry.
Summary: I thought that my life was complete until I met you. Who are you beautiful stranger?

It was a beautiful day indeed; some birds were chirping and it was a very peaceful morni-"Yah Hyukjae! If you don’t wake up right now, I’ll pour hot water on you!” Or not.

“What the heck?! Sora-noona! You shouldn’t be shouting like a gorilla so early in the morning and to think you’re a girl."

“Oh shut up Hyukjae! Just get ready and go to school already, the driver will be waiting for you downstairs.” With that, she gracefully walked away. One thing about Eunhyuk’s life is that their family was rich and with that it entails certain benefits like being driven to school to and fro every day.

Especially, in Eunhyuk’s case, he can’t even commute to save his life. He really sucks at directions and always needs one of his friends to be with him to go to the mall. He’s not allowed to go out by himself because he knows he gets lost within the next ten minutes he’s out of the house. He’s not stupid though, he knows how to go about his way, and it’s just that it takes a REALLY LONG time to remember.

Well, he’s really good in science and remembering scientific names. He’s actually quite smart; he is an honor student after all, though, he’s still considered a loser. It’s just that no matter what happens, he can’t remember directions. Also, whenever he’s in a moving vehicle, he sleeps almost instantly, and that’s one of the reasons why he can’t ride the bus or train by himself. </br></br></br> Anyway, as he went down the stairs and into the dining room he heard a distinguishable laugh. </br></br></br> “Ya Junsu! Why are you here? You’re not even supposed to be here, your stupid laugh is contaminating the air!” </br></br></br> “You have no right to say that to me! And to think I love you!” </br></br></br> “Eeew. That’s just disgusting!” </br></br></br> “Ya shut up and eat you stupid boys! You’re going to be late for school!” </br></br></br> “Yes, Sora-noona,”as the boys went inside the car, Eunhyuk felt a cold shiver down his spine. What the heck was that? He just brushed it off and played with Junsu on the way to school. </br></br></br> The boys didn’t notice, however, that a pair of eyes was staring intently at them. Soon, we’ll be meeting, very soon. Just be ready for me, Eunhyuk. </br></br></br> ....................................................... </br></br></br> “Class! We have a new student today. Her name’s Jessica; treat her well.” A brunette went inside the room and smiled prettily at the class. </br></br></br> “Hi there, my name is Jung Jessica. Please be kind to me.” Eunhyuk didn’t like the girl for some strange reason, she seems nice enough though. I wonder what’s wrong with me. I don’t feel so good. He searched the class for Junsu, and there he found him staring at her like a piece of meat. I guess now I know the reason. </br></br></br> After class, most of the boys went and rushed towards the new student. “I don’t get why all those males are deceived by her, she’s not even pretty. I’m still prettier you know.” Heechul, his close friend commented. </br></br></br> “Wha?! Hyung! Since when did you get here?” </br></br></br> “Since the moment the bell rang. You were just too busy glaring at the girl and Junsu to notice my beautiful self.” </br></br></br> “Whatever hyung let’s just get going.”Eunhyk was heartbroken to say the least. He also felt guilty that he was starting to hate the new girl. It wasn’t her fault that Junsu had a sudden interest in her and besides Junsu was as straight as a rod. I thought that, maybe, he felt the same way as me.</br></br></br> It was weird, really. He has this weird feeling that somehow he knew this Jessica girl. And lately he’s been having headaches. He can’t figure out why but for some reason he always felt sick when he was near her and so he steered away from her path. Because of that, he never got to talk to Junsu. He’s always with her. Damn it all! I really hate her! </br></br></br> Eunhyuk was sulking in his hyung’s house; they forced him to go there for a sleepover, since it’s his birthday today. He was doing it for months already. It’s been almost three months since ‘that girl’ went and stole his Junsu. Darn it! He’s my best friend! The least he could have done was greet me on my birthday. Why is he doing this to me? He’s been ignoring me since ‘that girl’ came. </br></br></br> “Ya Eunhyuk! Stop moping already! It’s your birthday! You should be happy!” Exclaimed a rather enthusiastic but very cute boy. </br></br></br> “Sungmin, just leave me alone! I’m not in the mood, you know!” scowled the red-haired man. </br></br></br> “Fine be that way! Hmph! Wah Kyunnie! He’s being a meanie bitching about the world!” Sungmin ran out of the room while calling for his boyfriend. Yes, all his friends are gay, but they were still popular. He was the only odd one out of the group; he didn’t even know why they accepted him in the first place. </br></br></br> “I really want see him...” </br></br></br> “See who?” </br></br></br> “Uwah! What the hell?! Hyung, you scared me!” Eunhyuk was terrified, his heart was beating fast and his cheeks were red. </br></br></br> “You know, Eunhyuk, you’re really cute. I just can’t seem to understand why you don’t see yourself the way we do.” </br></br></br> “Leeteuk-hyung, I’m not cute and are you sure you’re not blind? I’m fat!” </br></br></br> “If you’re fat, then, what am I? A hippo?” </br></br></br> “Wah hyung, could you just leave me alone for awhile?” </br></br></br> “Alright fine! Just go to Junsu’s house and tell him how you feel already! You’re so miserable and you look pathetic like this!” Why didn’t Eunhyuk think of that? </br></br></br> “You’re great hyung! I love you!” He went and kissed his hyung’s cheek and ran for the door. </br></br></br> “Aish, my donsaeng’s really cute, he’s beautiful really, and why can’t he realize it?” </br></br></br> ........................ </br></br></br>Maybe, if I go and visit Junsu, we would be able to go out like we used to.</i> </br></br></br> “Junsu! Junsu! Where are you?” Eunhyuk went inside the house and searched for his best friend. </br></br></br> “Eunhyuk? Is that you?” Junsu went out of his room and greeted his best friend. </br></br></br> “Ya! How could you forget your best friend’s birthday?” </br></br></br> “It is? Happy birthday then, listen Eunhyuk now is really not a good time.” </br></br></br> “Wait, ok fine, just let me tell you something first. You see, I know we’ve been best friends since forever and I just wanted to tell you that I really-“ </br></br></br> “Oppa? Who are you talking to?” Eunhyuk was speechless. He just saw Jessica in Junsu’s clothes and walking towards them. </br></br></br> “Ah Jessica, it’s just Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk what were you saying again?”Junsu and Jessica looked at Eunhyuk with curious stares, well, that’s what he thought. He didn’t notice the glare he was receiving from Jessica. </br></br></br> “Oppa, why are you even talking to this freak? He’s gay! I heard he’s been hanging out with the popular, gay crowd in school.” </br></br></br> “Eunhyuk, is that true? That’s digusting!” Eunhyuk was on the brink of crying. He can’t believe it, this bitch really was a witch and that his best friend is siding with her. He wanted to just slap her or better yet strangle her but he was too kind for that. </br></br></br> "Yes, so what? I’m gay and I like you. I can’t believe you slept with a witch like her and you’re even siding with her! I'm your best friend!" </br></br></br> “I am no friends with a freak and I don’t like you, that’s just digusting. Also, don’t talk to Jessica like that, she’s my girlfriend. Just get out of here Eunhyuk.” Junsu stated coldly and turned away. Eunhyuk was crying by then and Jessica was really happy. Actually, she didn’t like Junsu, he was just using him to get back at Eunhyuk. She’ll never forgive him. Never. </br></br></br> “What are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be leaving? The door is right there.” She was smirking and pointing at the door behind Eunhyuk. </br></br></br> “Why are you doing this Jessica? I haven’t done anything to you!” Eunhyuk was confused, hurt, and angry. He didn’t know what he did that made things turn out this way. </br></br></br> “You really want to know? You can’t remember what you did? You moron! I will never forgive you! You took away my boyfriend from me! He was the love of my life!” </br></br></br> “Wha? I didn’t steal anyone’s boyfriend!” Now, he was more confused. He didn’t steal anyone’s boyfriend. He can’t even remember having anyone like him. </br></br></br> “Yes, you did. Lei was my everything and now he’s gone and in prison all because of a gay bastard!” And with that she turned around and ran to Junsu’s room. </br></br></br> Eunhyuk was left there standing with tears running down his cheeks. Now, he remembered. He remembered everything. Lei, he was one of the most terrifying men he’s ever encountered in his life. His head was hurting again, but this time the pain was unbearable. With that, he went and ran out of Junsu’s house. </br></br></br> I don’t want to remember! Help me! Help me! Someone, please help me... He didn’t know how long he was running, he also didn’t notice it was raining. He slipped and fell onto the hard, wet ground. Help me...With that, his world turned black. He did remember, however, someone placing their arms around him and whispering, “I’m sorry, Eunhyuk. I love you.” </br></br></br>
Tags: author: nomozi22, pairing: donghae/eunhyuk
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